John Adams
6240 Pritchard Drive
Galloway, Ohio 43119

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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John Adams for Congress

P.O. Box 44841
Columbus, Ohio 43204
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Phone: 614-937-7777
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My name is John Adams and I am the Republican nominee for the United States House of Representatives in the Third Congressional District of Ohio (Columbus area). I won the nomination in the May 6th Primary with almost 59% of the vote. 

This coming election seems to me to be a critical one.  We are in danger of becoming a failed society as well as a failed economy.  The major media despite their desire to put a positive spin on the news of the day, blare the failures of our society daily.  We read of mass shootings, of multiple shootings in nearly every major city in the country nearly every weekend.  This is not normal.  This is not the way life should be in America.  One can walk into nearly any restaurant and be served by servers who have college degrees or even advanced degrees, who are unable to find employment equal to their educational attainment.  These same people are unable to pay off the enormous student debt with which they have been encumbered, leading to the next great bubble, the student loan bubble. 

The American citizenry has traditionally been a happy and secure one.  The great majority of people, at least according to the polls these days, are neither as happy, nor as secure as in the past.  They feel less secure physically and financially not to mention less secure from government intrusion.  People of all stripes, be they Democrats, Republicans or Independents want, for the most part, the same things, personally.  They want to be secure in their persons, secure in their property and free to pursue happiness as they perceive it.  They desire a government which allows all this and promotes the general welfare. 

People want the same things.  The appropriate strategy is what is at issue.  The public perceives that we are pursuing the wrong strategies in solving our nation’s problems.  No one questions that we have a problem with health care.  It is too expensive, and though excellent in many regards, not producing results commensurate with its costs.  Obamacare is not the answer.  A problem which permeates our society is that people who don’t know what they are talking about are telling those who do, what they should be doing.  Bureaucrats are telling medical professionals what to do being a prime example.  Bureaucrats are telling businessmen how to run their businesses.  The upshot is that American business goes offshore in order to survive, and the American worker is left jobless or underemployed. We have a society run, not by reason and compassion, but by the whims of a few in power.  A business which is built with great effort and investment over decades can be destroyed by the whim of a government official.  The bulk of the traditional coal industry and of the nuclear industry has been destroyed by such whim.  We all want safe and clean energy, but is the means to this end to be decided by bureaucrats with no real experience in those industries, or by experts? Our foreign policy has been both disastrously expensive and ineffective.  We have created alliances and trade agreements among nations opposing us, which have never before been either allies or trading partners. 

We need a change of direction.  My Congressional opponent, Joyce Beatty, has voted for the disastrous policies of the recent past and supports those policies going into the future.  We need to stop rushing headlong towards the elimination of the American way of life.  We need thoughtful consideration of the problems we are facing.  I have the background to help solve these problems.  I have the life experience.  I am a father of two grown children, a family man, a business owner of 36 years with almost six years of experience as an elected official, seeing how government works.  I have the personal background to see the problems clearly which are facing American society.  I have the energy and will to tackle these problems, not as an ideologue, but as one who desires what is best for people of all strata of society.  I have been a Republican all my life and hold to what are perceived as traditional Republican values, but I recognize that our social and economic problems must be resolved to the satisfaction of the population as a whole, protecting the rights of all, without violating the rights of any. 

My Democratic opponent in the Third District, Joyce Beatty, can and should be defeated.  In order to defeat her, please note  the  following  facts.  The district is comprised of about 12% Republicans and only 17% Democrats. There are a massive 71% of the voters in the Third District who are registered unaffiliated, independent voters.  They will sway the election in November.  Our campaign strategy is to contact them directly. We would need about 55% of their votes to be victorious. It can be done and I am committed to winning.

I believe that more and more Americans are waking up every day to the fact that elections have consequences and that in November the voters will have a choice. Do they want to continue down the  path of “fundamentally transforming America;”  that is being led by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and some of the Democrats who follow them, or do they want to restore our nation to its historic virtues of respecting individual privacy, independence, opportunity, freedom and according to Jefferson, our God-given unalienable rights?


John Adams